Riccardo Piatti reveals the big secret behind Novak Djokovic's success


Riccardo Piatti reveals the big secret behind Novak Djokovic's success
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Novak Djokovic won his 4th title at the US Open, the 24th Slam of his glorious career. No one in the history of men's tennis and only one person like him in the sport, Margaret Court. The Serbian tennis player continues to write history, break records and set records.

The secret of his success must be found in the past, since he began to tread the important stages of this sport. Riccardo Piatti talks about the young and current Novak Djokovic. Jannik Sinner's former coach talked about the US Open in 2005, the first Slam played by the current world number one.

Accompanying him, the former coach of the Serbian himself explained what won in him in that match played against Gael Monfils: a characteristic that would lead him to be a tennis legend.

Piatti reveals the big secret behind Djokovic's success

Piatti explained: "Nole was completely dead in the fourth set.

He couldn't breathe because of the heat and in fact he lost it. Any other player would have easily lost the fifth set but he didn't. He returned to the court fighting to the limit and won the set." Things that he also saw again in the final played against Daniil Medvedev at the US Open.

Piatti also said: "Djokovic was dead, but he was resurrected again. He knows tiredness, and he is not afraid to face it. He knows his body, he knows how to take it to the limit and exploit every physical and nervous energy. It is not for nothing that he has become the biggest." The 24 Slam goal has been reached, but the much sought after goal is still missing: the Grand Slam.

According to Riccardo Piatti, the Belgrade tennis player will try again next year: there are few opponents who could stop him. He said: "If he's healthy I think he can try again. I don't think Rafa will be that competitive at Slam level. Alcaraz is very strong but he is still in the process of maturing."

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