Sumit Nagal shocks: "I have 900 euros in my account, it's not a good life"


Sumit Nagal shocks: "I have 900 euros in my account, it's not a good life"
Sumit Nagal shocks: "I have 900 euros in my account, it's not a good life" © Marcelo Endelli / Stringer Getty Images Sport

The Indian tennis player Sumit Nagal, in an interview with Times of India, told a shocking truth, which makes us reflect on the state of tennis players beyond the top-100, and therefore sending a clear message to ATP. The tennis player explained how difficult it is to live on current earnings: "If I look at my bank balance, I have what I had at the beginning of the year, around 900 euros.

I got help. I get help from a tennis foundation and I also get a monthly salary from IOCL, a fuel company, but I don't have any big sponsors."

Nagal, number 159 in the world ranking, then said: "I invest everything I earn.

I only travel with an athletic trainer, without a physiotherapist, and I have already invested everything I earn. I feel like I lack support despite being the best Indian athlete for years. I am the only one to qualify for the Grand Slam tournaments, the only one who managed to win a match at the Olympic Games."

Nagal shock: "I have 900 euros in the bank, it's hard

Sumit then added: "When my ranking got worse, no one wanted to help me, no one believed that I would come back.

It was disappointing because I feel that no matter what I do, it's never enough. It's very difficult to find financial support in India. I honestly don't even know what to do, I pretty much gave up."

Then he concluded, talking about his injury and return to the tour: "The rehabilitation took me 6 months, then the return another six.

I would say it took me a year and a half to feel good. I lost some matches that I should have won .

I got Covid twice last season, so it's been a long two years. I have no savings, I can't say I live a good life. At least I'm not negative.

I'm not saying I want to go to 5 star hotels or anything like that. We lack funds, a system. China has money and we have the same potential as China."

Sumit Nagal

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