Andy Murray rips the Davis Cup: "I don't like it"


Andy Murray rips the Davis Cup: "I don't like it"
Andy Murray rips the Davis Cup: "I don't like it" © Matt McNulty / Stringer getty Images Sport

Andy Murray, at a press conference in Zhuhai, where he won his first round match, expressed his opinion on the format adopted for the Davis Cup. The British tennis player three time Slams champion explained to Punto de break: "I love home and away Davis Cup matches.

I don't like the Round Robin format, because there are matches that sometimes don't have any importance. There were matches where there was no one in the stands. For me, the most important thing about playing the Davis Cup is the special atmosphere, both at home and away.

I would like it to come back for all the players and all the teams."

Murray takes about Novak Djokovic

Andy Murray then talked about Novak Djokovic, with whom he has always had a great rivalry which gave rise to matches destined to remain in the history of tennis and which, certainly, prevented him from taking any more satisfaction.

Just think of the 4 finals played between the two at the Australian Open, all won by the Serbian. The Briton praised Novak Djokovic's strength and longevity, underlining how special the pace and level that the latter manages to maintain at the age of 36: "He is impressive.

The motivation and energy to keep winning and keep performing at that level is brilliant. I think between everyone, Roger, Rafa, they've had long careers, but certainly none of them, I think, have played at the level of Novak at this stage of their careers." Great Britain has recently achieved qualification for the Davis Cup Finals, and did so in a daring and memorable way by canceling more than one match point in the decisive doubles match against France.

A fundamental element of the British team was also Andy Murray. Andy Murray, as mentioned, is currently involved in the Zhuhai tournament, where he will take the field on Saturday 23 September for the round of 16 and therefore play for a place in the quarterfinals against Aslan Karatsev, who he defeated in a hard-fought match in the previous round Matteo Arnaldi.

Andy Murray Davis Cup

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