Emma Raducanu shares honest words on the importance of money in life


Emma Raducanu shares honest words on the importance of money in life
Emma Raducanu shares honest words on the importance of money in life © Clive Brunskill / Staff getty Images Sport

Emma Raducanu has officially announced that she will return to the court only in 2024, giving up the last part of the season to recover as best as possible from the three surgeries last spring. Meanwhile, the young British tennis player is taking part in many events and giving several interviews.

In one of them, she talked about the value of money in her life.

During a recent interview with The Times, the 2021 US Open winner explained: "I wouldn't say I'm a lavish spender. My parents really taught me about the value of money and not to spend or splurge, and that's become really useful for me growing up." Emma Raducanu: "I'll be back in 2024" Emma Raducanu decided that she would finish 2023 away from the WTA circuit, after the surgeries last spring.

2024, however, will be the year of return for Emma Raducanu.

In an interview with BBC London, she said: "Next season I'll be back. This season all the Slams were over so it was difficult to see them go by, but I was trying to stay in my lane as much as possible and focus on my recovery.

The fact that they still talk about me even though I'm not present at these events is just a compliment. Someone told me 'worry when they don't talk about you." Emma Raducanu's goal is to win yet another Grand Slam tournament.

One in particular, she who grew up in London.

She said: "Wimbledon is the dream. Winning Wimbledon is still the biggest dream." This achievement is not easy, considering that Emma Raducanu has officially left the Top 200 of the WTA rankings.

This week's update sees tennis slipping up to position number 214 in the WTA rankings. The season started as number 78, but the three surgeries and the few games played condemned it. The last time Emma was outside the Top 200 was in July 2021, just as she approached the Grand Slam tournament which she aspires to win.

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