Felix Auger Aliassime shares a brutal truth: "On tour you feel alone"


Felix Auger Aliassime shares a brutal truth: "On tour you feel alone"
Felix Auger Aliassime shares a brutal truth: "On tour you feel alone" © Matthew Stockman / Staff Getty Images Sport

Felix Auger Aliassime is not the first tennis player to say that on the professional tennis Tour you often feel alone. The Canadian tennis player got the win at Laver Cup after a very complicated season. For the second year in a row, Auger Aliassime found the joy of winning the Laver Cup, the competition co-founded by Roger Federer, together with Team World.

Before the tournament played in Vancouver, he had collected two victories in the last ten matches. In the press conference, the Montreal tennis player precisely explained the differences between playing singles on the ATP Tour rather than competing in team competition.

He explained: "I feel good, every time I play for a team I feel good, I feel that I'm playing at a good level. Of course, I always have fun here. On the tour it's different, you always play singles and you can feel a little lonely, so having teammates is something really special sometimes."

The words of Auger Aliassime

The young Canadian then explained: "I've had fantastic moments this year too.

As John McEnroe said, winning is always the best feeling. It's nice to come back a year after what we did in London and win here in Vancouver. That's it that we wanted to do since we arrived and we did it. We committed ourselves, we took up the challenge and we did it."

However, there were also moments of tension in Vancouver.

Aliassime in fact reproached his opponent Gael Monfils, who in his opinion was not taking the commitment seriously: "I played this tournament as if it were an ATP and I think that everyone involved believes that the Laver Cup was a competition with such potential to be taken very seriously, not only now but also in the future.

The atmosphere had become a little heated, there was tension.

I was simply talking to the referees and to him to understand what rules he was applying. Whether they were the ones we're used to in tournaments or different, I was just making sure of that.

Things got a little heated for a couple of games, but I'm happy we were able to finish the game. Gael is someone I look up to, so I don't think there's any tension outside of what just happened."

Felix Auger Aliassime