Caroline Wozniacki shares a very honest truth about her come back


Caroline Wozniacki shares a very honest truth about her come back
Caroline Wozniacki shares a very honest truth about her come back © Elsa / Staff Getty Images Sport

Caroline Wozniacki has had a career full of excellent results, especially with the victory of a Slam, the Australian Open. In 2018 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and so in that year she said goodbye to tennis.

For three and a half years Caroline Wozniacki gave priority to her private life and her family, but in 2023 the big news of her unexpected return arrived.

In 2023 she participated in the WTA Masters in Montreal and Cincinnati, before competing at the US Open and reaching the round of 16, in a match in which she was defeated by eventual champion Coco Gauff.

An overwhelming start, in which the former world number one demonstrated that she is capable of picking up where she left off.

Caroline Wozniacki officially declared to the Stuff portal that she will participate in the ASB Classic 2024, to prepare for the Australian Open.

Regarding the tournament that will take place in Auckland, the Danish tennis player says: "It's incredible to be able to come back and prepare as best I can for the Australian Open. I love the fans in Auckland. It's always a great event.

I've always had fantastic feelings there. I thought it would be the best place for my preparation and the best place to bring my family and start the new season."

Wozniacki: "I had already achieved my goals when I retired"

Caroline Wozniacki's return proved that she still has a strong competitive streak, but becoming Olivia and James' mother has changed her perspective on tennis.

She explained: "As a young player my dream was to be the best tennis player I could be. Be number 1 in the world, win a grand slam I told myself. When I retired in 2020 I had achieved my goals and I achieved everything what I had planned for myself.

I had my two amazing children and I got to see tennis from the outside and follow from the sidelines. It doesn't matter if I'm 30 or 80, tennis will be a sport that has meant a lot to me and my family.

I realized how much fun it was to play on big courts, in front of big crowds.

When you have two children, the #1 priority is that they are healthy, happy and well. When I'm on the court though, this is my passion, this is what I want to do, I'm a competitor, I want to win everything I can.

But at the same time, I don't put unnecessary pressure on myself.

I know that when I play my best, I can beat anyone. That's why I work hard every day, to reach the highest level. Being older and wiser, it gives me that calm when I'm on the pitch and I know I'm going to play my hardest and see what happens.

I think this gives me a more relaxed perspective. Even though I want to win, I know it's not life or death, it's a tennis match."

Regarding her return to the US Open, Caroline Wozniacki comments: "I was treated very well at the US Open and I got to play one match on Armstrong, then everything else on Ashe.

What an honor it was and to play in front of the packed house, it was something so special for me, because I love playing this game and because I work so hard to reach the highest level.

As I commentated for a couple of years and saw where everyone was at, I knew what I had to do to compete against the best players in the world.

It's one thing to see it from the outside, it's much easier in my head to do the big rallies and say what I should do at that moment.

But it's a different thing when you have to do it on the pitch. I was very happy with how I managed to compete after so long away from the game and it's not easy to get back to playing points at such a high level and playing back to back.

I think I did very well, it was a great start to my comeback and gave me a lot of positive information on what I need to do better for the start of next season and go even further in tournaments."

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