Carlos Alcaraz beats Musetti but reveals the real problems of the Beijing Open


Carlos Alcaraz beats Musetti but reveals the real problems of the Beijing Open
Carlos Alcaraz beats Musetti but reveals the real problems of the Beijing Open © Fred Lee / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Carlos Alcaraz reached the quarterfinals at the China Open, in Beijing, beating Lorenzo Musetti in straight sets, but also revealing some critical issues of the tournament. The Spanish tennis player really easily beat the Italian with a double 6-2 that leaves no room for comment, in what was a one-sided match.

Musetti won last year against Alcaraz in Hamburg but a lot of things really seem to have changed since that day. Carlos obtained the pass to the quarterfinals where he will face the Norwegian Casper Ruud, in what will therefore be a rematch of the 2022 US Open final.

After the victory, Alcaraz talked in a press conference about the match and some problems of the tournament, explaining: "I feel great, he is a tough opponent and I offered a great performance. I'm happy that from start to finish I didn't have any highs and low, I maintained a great level with continuity and this is what I look for in every tournament."

On the problem of the balls, about which some tennis players have complained, Carlos stated: "I honestly felt it from the first training session I did here in Beijing, it's something difficult but we tennis players have to get used to it.

After all, we change the ball and the situation in every tournament and you have to get used to it. Every player asks these questions but in the end it's our job, every tournament we will face something different."

Alcaraz's press conference words

Carlitos also highlighted the difference between playing during the day or at night: "Playing during the day or at night? When the sun sets the ball goes differently and so does the temperature.

It's a bit annoying but let's move on, obviously I prefer to play with the sun and during the day. You have to adapt to all moments of the day."

Finally, Alcaraz talked about his next opponent, Ruud: "He is fresh from a battle and I think this is a small advantage for me, he will probably be a little tired tomorrow.

At the same time he is a tough opponent and has already faced many battles in his career. I have to give my best and stay focused on the match. It will be a difficult challenge but at the same time it will be enjoyable and fun for the fans to watch." There is great curiosity among fans and in China, as well as in Italy, where they hope to see a semi-final between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner.

The two have been maintaining a rivalry for a long time now and there is a desire to watch their rematch once again. The two are currently tied head-to-head.

Carlos Alcaraz

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