Coco Gauff reveals her great love for noodles!


Coco Gauff reveals her great love for noodles!
Coco Gauff reveals her great love for noodles! © Emmanuel Wong / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Coco Gauff has already made it through her first match at the China Open in Beijing and, in the days leading up to the tournament, she immersed herself in Chinese culture, trying different traditional activities, and confessing her love for noodles.

The young North American tennis player, champion at the 2023 US Open, defeated the Russian Ekaterina Alexandrova in two sets in Beijing, with the final score of 7-5, 6-3. In the second round she will face the Croatian Petra Matric.

Gauff talked in the on court interview after the win about various topics, including her love for noodles, explaining: "The fans here are really passionate and I'm happy to be here. I really like the food. I like noodles a lot.

I've been eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's really good."

Below you can watch the on court interview shared by The Tennis Letter X account:

Coco Gauff after her victory at the 2023 US Open

With the victory at theUS Open, Coco became number 3 in the world.

In the press conference after the great victory, the American tennis player analyzed the match: "Nervous? There is nothing more dramatic right now, today I faced this match as if it were any challenge but honestly I wasn't nervous at the beginning.

I knew I had to behave like this and it was difficult, but I am very happy with this result. When did I change? After the Roland Garros I think a lot of things changed, there in the final I felt a lot of pressure and I understood that I had to reset.

Losing at Wimbledon was tough, I thought I could do better but today I just played my best tennis. She is a strong and powerful tennis player, she puts you on the defensive and she doesn't always. At one point I made a great point with a backhand pass, the crowd was enthusiastic and I had the feeling that I could really win."

Then the tennis player continued: "When did I understand that I could win? Until last night I didn't think about it, then I imagined what would happen with a victory and perhaps let's say that I wanted it too much.

Last night I called my boyfriend and we talked talking until I slept, I went to sleep at one.

When I lost the first set I just told myself to continue playing as I knew how, then it's crazy because until match point I didn't have any real thoughts but I just worked on playing.

The first time I imagined winning a Slam I was 8 years old, it was when I came here to watch matches and I saw all the best competing on this very court.

At 13-14 years old I was already playing juniors and I had real visions of my victory.

I don't know if there are videos, but if you see at Roland Garros I was watching Iga Swiatek lift the trophy the whole time, I couldn't take my eyes off her and I wanted to feel like her.

Right now I feel happy and relieved, but happier because I was honestly achieving this for myself and not for others.

I'm a stubborn person and when my parents tell me something I do something else!

So before the match I turned on my phone and read all the comments from people who didn't believe in my victory, this got me excited for the match.

I thank Obama and former First Lady Michelle who stood by me at the beginning, it's incredible, so many stars came to see me. I've been doing this since I was 15, still in high school and I'm used to the pressure. This may have eased but I'm still hungry for more. But now I don't want to look to the future but I just want to enjoy the moment."

Coco Gauff

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