Jannik Sinner over the moon after victory in Beijing: "Fantastic feeling"


Jannik Sinner over the moon after victory in Beijing: "Fantastic feeling"
Jannik Sinner over the moon after victory in Beijing: "Fantastic feeling" © Emmanuel Wong / Stringe Getty Images Sport

Jannik Sinner has written the history of Italian tennis once again. The Italian tennis player's triumph at the ATP 500 in Beijing is a historic triumph, in a tournament that is probably the best ever played by the 22-year-old due to the level of his opponents and his play.

A difficult journey with some small stumbles, culminating with two super performances in the final stages of the competition against Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev, to whom Sinner did not concede even a set. The Italian tennis player, in the final of the tournament in the Chinese capital, prevailed against the US Open finalist with a double 7-6, maintaining a level of play that was at times heavenly, both on serve and on return.

Sinner, who will reach his best ranking, reaching fourth position, expressed his joy in the press conference.

The words of Jannik Sinner at the press conference

Sinner talked about the emotions experienced in recent days in China.

He explained, at the press conference: "I feel great. As I said in the press conference before the match, it's a fantastic feeling. I'm having a new experience, it's nice to have such a good connection with the Chinese fans.

It's clear that today's final was of the highest level. I'm very happy with the end of the tournament, I had a lot of fun in Beijing, I hope to be able to return very soon."

The Italian broke the curse against the Russian, unbeaten in his previous six matches to date: "I had lost against him six times in a row.

At a certain point you have to change a couple of things and today I managed to do it. Of course you have to train a lot to push yourself to the limit in these types of situations, which are never easy, but I think I served very well today, especially in the important moments.

In the tie-breaks I played really well. Of course, tiebreakers can always change very, very quickly. I am very happy with my performance today. It's never easy to play against Daniil, he is a completely different player from the others, and I'm happy to have been able to face him here in the final."

On the evolution of the week, he said: "The week didn't start in the best way.

I wasn't feeling too good. In my mind I told myself that every day could be a little different. The first meeting was very, very hard. I managed to overcome it and little by little I felt better and better as the days went by. Against Grigor it was a different story, but I managed to raise my tennis level to win.

I am very satisfied with how I managed to manage every situation on the pitch during the week. I think this is the most positive aspect of all."

At the end of the season, Sinner said: "My program includes Shanghai and then I will try to play in Vienna and Paris.

And that's all. I hope to also be able to participate in Turin and the Davis Cup. There are a couple of things that can change, but this is my schedule, the tournaments I would like to play and what my team thought."

Jannik Sinner