Serena Williams' ex coach defends Coco Gauff from social media critics

Rennae Stubbs has spoken out in favor of the American tennis player, after the criticism she received for her elimination at the 2023 China Open

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Serena Williams' ex coach defends Coco Gauff from social media critics
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Rennae Stubbs defended Coco Gauff from the criticism that several users on social media that the young American tennis player received due to her elimination from the China Open 2023. The US Open winner was defeated in two sets by Poland's Iga Swiatek, who dominated the match.

But the criticism that the young star received on social media after the match did not please former Serena Williams' coach. Stubbs wrote on X: "The crap I read on Twitter is 🤯! People commenting on Coco being this or that as well as other players.

Like seriously u people think you're tough writing as an unknown loser who puts a player down but have never put themselves out there in these kinds of moments! 🤯 get a life!"

Coco Gauff after the defeat against Iga Swiatek

A right shoulder problem prevented Coco Gauff from competing to her full potential in the semi-final of the WTA 1000 tournament in Beijing.

Iga Swiatek took care of interrupting the streak of sixteen consecutive victories signed by the American starting from Cincinnati.

The Pole didn't give Gauff any chances throughout the entire match and she prevailed with a score of 6-2, 6-3 in an hour and 19 minutes.

Gauff was also forced to request a medical time out during the match; medical time out with did not change the situation.

Coco explained at the press conference: "I started feeling pain during the match with Maria Sakkari in the quarterfinals.

But I didn't feel the same pain as today. I felt it in the first set, but I don't like calling the physiotherapist. My coach advised me to do it and that helped me. It was a new experience for me, I'm not used to playing with pain.

It's not a terrible injury, with a little rest things will settle down."

The 19 year old from Atlanta can obviously be satisfied with her latest performances and, above all, with the incredible American summer. In fact, Gauff won the Washington tournament, the WTA 1000 in Cincinnati and her first Slam at the US Open.

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