Alex Corretja is not worried by Carlos Alcaraz's negative Asian Swing

The Spaniard shares his thoughts after the latests results of his young countryman

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alex Corretja is not worried by Carlos Alcaraz's negative Asian Swing
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Fatigue is also making itself felt for Carlos Alcaraz, after the great efforts the Spaniard underwent in 2023. Carlitos did not shine during the Asian Swing, but his problems were already visible after Wimbledon. First the exit in Beijing in the semi-final against Jannik Sinner, then the elimination against Grigor Dimitrov in Shanghai in the round of 16.

Probably a decline in form, after an almost perfect season for him. Or perhaps, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, a bit of tiredness accumulated from the numerous seasonal commitments. Interviewed by Eurosport, Alex Corretja talked about the current negative moment of the 2-time Slam champion, underlining how it is impossible to maintain such a high level throughout the season.

He explained: "Alcaraz's Asian tour is nothing to worry about. I don't attach any importance to it. Every tournament, every week, every match is an experience for Alcaraz. It's almost impossible to do better. Carlos will come to a point where he will have to choose tournaments like Djokovic.

We are used to periods in which Nadal, Djokovic and Federer entered the Masters 1000 and won them as if nothing had happened, but it is more normal for Carlos to make a semi-final against Sinner and then get surprised by Dimitrov.

Maintaining a 100% level of play in the 80 games he plays a year is impossible. One of the key points for Alcaraz is the right scheduling, due to all the travel, training and changes in schedules and hotels."

Carlos Alcaraz shares his thought about this issue

After the defeat against Dimitrov, Alcaraz appeared a little regretful for having wasted a potentially important opportunity to move closer to first place in the ATP ranking, held by Novak Djokovic.

"After this defeat it will be harder to return to number 1. I still have a few tournaments ahead of me, so I will try to do my best. I will try to win them if I want to have the chance to end the year in first place. I'm missing out on a lot of opportunities to do that," said the young Spanaird.

In exactly one month Alcaraz will play the main tournament that brings together the eight best tennis players of the season, the ATP Finals, where Spagnolo will certainly want to be found at his maximum potential.

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