Italian tennis CEO shares a big praise to Jannik Sinner

Angelo Binaghi talked about the Italian tennis status and the future of our beloved sport

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Italian tennis CEO shares a big praise to Jannik Sinner
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The Italian tennis CEO Angelo Binaghi returned to talk about tennis in his country, focusing on the growth of the game in Italy and spending words of praise for Jannik Sinner. 2023 was a very profitable year for Italian tennis, which saw Jannik Sinner as its main protagonist, capable of projecting himself, thanks to his extraordinary results obtained this season, up to fourth place in the world ranking.

Position that only two great legends of our country had achieved before, Adriano Panatta, who had also reached fourth position, thanks to the historic victory at the Roland Garros in 1976, and even before that Nicola Pietrangeli, who had reached third position, however, when the computerized ranking had not yet been introduced, inaugurated in 1973.

Binaghi said in an interview with Corriere della Sera that the success that this sport is experiencing in recent years is not the result of chance, but rather of well-targeted planning that starts from schools and the youngest.

"With Sinner at the Finals, and perhaps a Slam winner, I can't imagine a more favorable situation. Enough with sport conceived with the welfare mentality of the State: do we want to remain a sedentary country for life? And the fifth most obese in the world? Sport e Salute does not sufficiently exploit the potential of FITP to spread sport in Italy: a euro spent on the promotion of tennis today is gold," he declared.

Regarding tennis in Arabia, Binaghi said: "I'm trying to convince Gaudenzi, president of the ATP, that tennis is not like other sports, Arabia will also be an attractive market but situations that work, like ours, must be protected.

We cannot be afraid that Arabia will create a parallel circuit, as in golf. And I hope that the ATP Master 1000 that the ATP will give to Arabia in January from 2025 will be enough to satisfy their desire for tennis, perhaps combined with the WTA.

The season will start from there. A revolution, of course. But the Finals must stay here."

Angelo Binaghi on Italian tennis

Binaghi also added: "My time is dedicated to trying to make tennis more and more popular, so it will be easier to find new Sinners.

Football likes to win easily: we are present in 25% of the municipalities in Italy, they in all of them. But tennis had never entered schools before us: 350 thousand children contacted this year, I want to reach one million.

In the last five years we are the sport that has invested the most in kids, but there is still an untapped heritage." Then on Sinner, capable of catalyzing media attention and the hopes of many fans: "We won two Slams with Schiavone and Pennetta, four Federation Cups with the girls and they kept asking me: why does Italian tennis never win? A cultural problem sporty, sure.

Then there are the facts: we did not issue an additional competitive card after Schiavone's triumph in Paris. Sinner moves the crowds, and hasn't won anything yet. Why? Perhaps because in the collective memory, see Davis in '76, tennis is male.

But not only. It's the perspective: Sinner gives us a glimpse of ten years of success. And the attention explodes."

Jannik Sinner Angelo Binaghi