Jimmy Connors praises Novak Djokovic and rips Nick Kyrgios

The former North American legend shared his opinion about the Serb and the Australian

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jimmy Connors praises Novak Djokovic and rips Nick Kyrgios
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Jimmy Connors returned to talk about Australian star Nick Kyrgios and what goals the former Wimbledon finalist could have already achieved with a different approach to tennis.

The former legendary American tennis player talked about it during his podcast Advantage Connors, which he creates in the company of his son Brett.

The winner of eight Grand Slam titles, including one Australian Open, two Wimbledon and five US Open, said of the 28-year-old Canberra native: "Maybe you're satisfied with your success and what you've done with your talent, with everything what you have achieved so far. I'm not criticizing, I'm just bringing the conversation to what his capabilities are and where he thinks he should and could go."

Connors then decided to make a comparison between Kyrgios and the Serbian champion Novak Djokovic.

The two, moreover, were the protagonists of a long-distance confrontation in the past years before mending their relationship and becoming great friends. The turning point came right after the Wimbledon final played against each other, in which the Australian had to surrender to the Belgrade tennis player in four sets.

Connors on the Djokovic-Kyrgios comparison

During the podcast the American stated: "If you want to be the best, like Novak Djokovic, nothing can stop you. He doesn't want to play basketball, he's really focused on tennis and winning. Instead, Nick lets his mind think about other things too.

And if you want to be the best, you kind of can't afford that. I think there are other guys who are different. Maybe Kyrgios is one of them, putting all your energy into being the best is important."

Connors also had interesting words for Ilie Nastase: "He should have been the best of all time. He was incredibly talented and fast."

We recall Djokovic will be the main favourite for the victory at the ATP Finals 2023, while Kyrgios should come baxck on the court for the Australian Open 2024.

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