Jannik Sinner returns to his origins: "Everything seems familiar in Vienna"

The Italian tennis player shares his feeling on the eve of the Austrian tournament

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner returns to his origins: "Everything seems familiar in Vienna"
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Jannik Sinner has arrived in Vienna to play on the last event of his amazong tennis season. The number two seed of the tournament was born and raised 7 m from the border between Austria and Italy, so the ATP 500 can be considered one of the home tournaments.

Jannik Sinner is ready to play in Vienna

The Italian tennis player declared in an interview with Tennis TV: "I feel that people from northern Italy have a different mentality than those from southern Italy. The country has everything, from the sea to the mountains.

I skied a lot in southern Austria and have always loved coming to Vienna, it's very close to home. My family and friends come to the tournament, everything around me seems familiar. This year was the year where I had to improve, where I saw how the body reacted to certain conditions.

Especially this year I was able to find the right solutions, or at least better ones than last year, to reduce the gap with the top. It has been a great season so far, but there is still one tournament to play, the Finals in Turin, which I am happy to play.

I have improved in those details that make the difference, I am happy with where I have arrived, I know I can still improve. I don't play for the history of Italy, I play for myself and for the fans. They are the ones who give you strength.

I'm happy to share this goal with my family and those around me, it's an important feeling. Being number four in the world means a lot to me and it's a great result. I look to the future. In the first round of the ATP 500 in Vienna, will I face Ben Shelton, after elimination in Shanghai? He is one of the best Next Gen players and I'm happy to be able to play against him. I hope to improve against him."

Jannik Sinner