Golden heart Novak Djokovic supports his young countrymen


Golden heart Novak Djokovic supports his young countrymen
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Novak Djokovic's heart of gold is infinite: the Serbian champion has sided with young players who cannot support the economic burden of being a professional. For the Serbian tennis player it is not just a question of words, but also of facts.

Hamad Medjedovic, a young Serbian tennis player, has admitted the help that the 24-time Slam champion is providing him. "Novak Djokovic helped me financially. Giving me everything I need for my career. He covered everything. He helped me when I needed it and is still helping me in every way.

I'm happy that he is there for me. There would you believe who was the first to congratulate me on my title: Novak. When I picked up the phone, I saw his voice message which lasted more than a minute. He is a legend because he is always available for advice," he said in an interview with Sportal.

The touching story of Hamad Medjedovic's father

A more detailed story is given by Medjedovic's father. "Novak is doing everything he can for Hamad. In every way... financially, mentally and socially. I remember a conversation with Novak.

We talked specifically about the stages of Hamad's career. He was giving me ideas on what to do with Hamad , and I remember telling him: Nole, I'm sorry, but everything costs! He continues, suggests a coach to me, talks to me about how we'll do it, what we'll do and adds: It's up to Hamad to train, I'll do the rest!

I tell him again: Nole, it costs money! We haven't spent a cent and, believe me, that's no small thing in the world of tennis, on the contrary. This kind of thing is rare in today's world, but thank God there are still people who are not only interested in money, but also in the human side of things.

Then Novak told me: Edo, I don't do it for money! I have a place where I make money. Simply, my role and my job is to help. What kind of person would I be if I didn't help kids who deserve it, who love tennis," he told.

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