Matteo Berrettini receives a moving farewell letter from his former coach

Vincenzo Santopadre wrote a beautiful letter to his former player, on Instagram

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Matteo Berrettini receives a moving farewell letter from his former coach
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Matteo Berrettini and Vincenzo Santopadre have interrupted their professional partnership, but over the years they have built a human relationship that goes far beyond that of a simple coach towards his player. The two have built something unique and achieved goals that are even difficult to imagine when you are still a kid looking for his place in the world.

Santopadre had the merit of showing the way to Berrettini, who followed his coach without ever turning his back and made his dreams come true. After 13 years, Santopadre will no longer be Berrettini's coach but he will never stop representing a fixed point of reference for the career of the former Wimbledon finalist.

Matteo Berrettini receives a moving farewell on Instagram by Santopadre

"Matt, or rather, like you, I was undecided whether to put pen to paper. As I wrote to you yesterday, the risk was to 'pollute' that splendid flow of our magic that started in September 2010 (Camp n.5 of the Aniene: you and Jacopo half feverish at the audition...I remember it like it was yesterday!).

But even this time, in the end, we are in tune and so here I am! Here I am writing to you to thank you for the path we have taken; a path that very few know in depth and whose complicity, which I jealously guard, is ours alone.

That complicity that has made, makes and will make it so that we often don't need to speak to understand each other. That complicity that over time has made us greater and dare I say better people. That complicity made of esteem, respect, understanding, acceptance that led us to never argue!

We helped each other grow and I'm grateful for that. Over time we have built a healthy, positive, winning relationship. We also worked; worked for us, for our improvement, for our well-being, to patiently pursue our dream, without wasting a moment.

With seriousness and lightness we experienced everything intensely and in depth. I think we did 13, at least that's what the numbers of the years spent so far inside and outside that rectangle say. We shared everything and also this choice which we think is the best.

I'm always there with you and for you," Santopadre wrote on Instagram.

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