Angelo Binaghi: "We work to keep the ATP Finals in Turin. Milan? Big sponsors decide"

The Italian Tennis CEO talks about the future of the ATP Finals

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Angelo Binaghi: "We work to keep the ATP Finals in Turin. Milan? Big sponsors decide"
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Exactly one week to go and the ATP Finals in Turin will begin, one of the most anticipated tennis events of the season. An event with many great protagonists: the best eight tennis players of 2023 will compete in order to close the ATP season with the title of Master.

Novak Djokovic is the clear favorite for the final victory, but Italy dreams with Jannik Sinner, and there is great curiosity about his first appearance in the end-of-year tournament. The CEO of the Italian Tennis Federation Angelo Binaghi (who granted to Tennis World USA an exclusive interview on October 22nd that you can read here - ed.) spoke with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, talking in detail about the Turin Finals. "This edition is the crash test, the Pala Alpitour is sold out for fifteen days and it has never happened before.

Crash test for who? I'm talking about transport, hotels and restaurants but in general I think this is the event largest indoor ever organized in Italy. 21 million euros in proceeds that the federation will reinvest in tennis.

We are like Robin Hood, we make the rich pay and we distribute to everyone. Turin organisation? The federation has already won. Every president's dream it's having the chance to organize a world event like that, then having a tennis player who can win it.

Now if anything it's Jannik Sinner's turn," he said.

Binaghi on the future of the ATP Finals

Binaghi also talked about the future and what could happen at the ATP Finals in Turin: "Holding the Finals here is the mother of all battles, we are doing everything we can, it's great here.

I am the president of the Italian federation, in the end the Government decides. Milan? Everyone was surprised by the organization here in Turin, but the big national and international sponsors decide. Their indication really counts.

Two-year bridging solution without assignment tenders? Yes, I will propose it to Gaudenzi. Saudi Arabia? Objectively they have great economic power, but we are sure that the money collected from the Finals or the 1000 would go back into circulation.

Future goals? I'm running again to do something extraordinary. Overcoming soccer among members and bringing a Slam to Italy perhaps with the number one in the world. I have the ambition to want to be the president of the first."

Angelo Binaghi Atp Finals