Former US Open winner shares praise and criticism to Jannik Sinner


Former US Open winner shares praise and criticism to Jannik Sinner
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Jannik Sinner has been the protagonist of an extraordinary 2023 so far which has given him many important successes. Victories such as the ATP Masters 1000 in Toronto or some recent ATP 500. Jannik also achieved his Best Ranking as number 4 in the ATP world rankings.

There are great expectations on Sinner and many are praising his performances. Now there is curiosity to see him at work at the Masters tournament, the ATP Finals in Turin which will now be held in less than seven days. After this season finale Jannik cannot help but be considered among the favorites and, as host, there are many expectations on him.

The former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta talked about this and much more during an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, and she declared: "I like Jannik's mentality, he had the courage to change when everything was going well." Flavia obviously makes references to the transition from the Piatti team to the current one where Jannik has the super coach Darren Cahill.

Former US Open winner shares praise and criticism to Jannik Sinner

At the same time the Italian stings Sinner and declares: "I don't agree with some of Jannik's choices such as not participating in the Bologna matches or the Olympics in the past.

There are things that shouldn't go through a tennis player's head." Finally, Flavia jokes about the president of Tennis Italian Angelo Binaghi: "Now he has become much better, in the past there were fights with those who said no to Davis.

Now everything is allowed, I think we need a middle ground!" The president of FIT Angelo Binaghi, on the sidelines of the upcoming matches at the Finals and in Davis, spoke thus regarding Sinner's next objectives and declared: "I will support Sinner until the last ball but I get so many shivers thinking about a final between Jannik and Carlos Alcaraz.

It almost scares me." In short, it's not long now and Sinner will be among the great protagonists of this season finale with the Turin Finals to play as a protagonist and a Davis where he will try to drag our Italy.

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