Former Slam champion opens up to a future as a coach

Flavia Pennetta tells her story: from tennis to her partner Fognini

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Former Slam champion opens up to a future as a coach
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Former Italian tennis player Flavia Pennetta, great champion and wife of his countryman, the tennis player Fabio Fognini, spoke in an interesting interview with the newspaper Il Giorgi, in which she opened up on many topics.

She has been retired for some time now but every now and then she comes back to talk about tennis, the sport that made her famous and brought her into the history of Italian tennis. "Thinking about tennis, perhaps it is the best sport from this point of view, we fought and now we have equal prizes to the men's ones.

From a personal point of view I have been fortunate to have always been highly regarded in the media but the reality is that we are a country that tends to valorise men. I'm sorry to say it but there is also a different attention from the sponsors." Flavia, present at an event in Milan to support Indian women, talked about her career: "I keep every outfit from my career, it's in Brindisi.

With Fabio in the new house in Milan we intend to make an area dedicated to cups most beautiful. A sort of archive of our history. The US Open trophy? You can't touch that, my father keeps it. Even the cups won at the beginning are there and I will ask my father for at least one Federation Cup, obviously asking for permission."

Pennetta opens up to a future as a coach

Flavia hasn't completely distanced herself from the circuit and actually tends to participate in doubles between legends together with her former colleague and great friend Francesca Schiavone: "It's a nice experience, it also helps me get away from being a full-time mother.

Finding myself in my It was wonderful, you come back on the field without feeling and it's fantastic. Then obviously you expect to do the same things but it's not the same." Words about her husband Fabio Fognini could not be missing: "It's not a simple period for Fabio, it's a time when there's a bit of fear, you have to change and it's not easy.

When you've done just one thing for 25 years then it's hard, the world collapses and you have to rebuild it. I try to support him as much as I can. Future as a coach? I don't rule it out, I like being on the pitch but now I have three small children at home. Who knows in the future."

Flavia Pennetta