Naomi Osaka's coach shares a big revelation about her come back


Naomi Osaka's coach shares a big revelation about her come back
Naomi Osaka's coach shares a big revelation about her come back © Mark Brown / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Florian Zitzelsberger, coach of Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, revealed how the 4-time Slam champion wants to return to number 1 in the WTA ranking.
In July Naomi became the mother of little Shai. After a year away from the tennis courts, the champion is eager to return to competing and winning trophies.

The coach Zitzelsberger confirmed these words of hers, revealing the goals of the former world number one: "The situation in which Osaka finds herself today is what makes working with her so stimulating. She wants to go back to being the best in the world, she wants to win Grand Slam tournaments.

You give me the impression of a balanced person who is comfortable in your own skin. She is down to earth, mature and embraces the beauty of motherhood,” she told.

Naomi Osaka's come back

Last month the Japanese released these statements, which were a prelude to a prompt return to the circuit.

"I'm sure I'll be back. These months away from tennis have made me reconcile with this sport and I've rediscovered a genuine love for it, to which I have dedicated my whole life. I'm in a phase of rest but I still feel competitive.

I think that I can win Grand Slams again, and my dream is that my son can see me do it. I plan to return to the circuit directly in 2024," she said. In the last year, before the pregnancy, injuries and her physical condition did not allow her to play many tournaments, to the point of reducing her appearance more and more.

In 2024, Naomi Osaka should reverse this trend and try to be more present in the women's circuit. "I will definitely play a lot more tournaments than I have in the past. I think some people will be happy about it. I think this is because I don't realize how the beginning of the year will go for me. At least I'll prepare myself for a great season finale," explained the Japanese.

Naomi Osaka

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