Andrey Rublev rips Paris-Barcy, on the ATP Finals 2023 Media Day

The Russian said he understand Jannik Sinne for what happened in Paris-Ber4cy

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrey Rublev rips Paris-Barcy, on the ATP Finals 2023 Media Day
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Andrey Rublev returned to talk about the affair involving Jannik Sinner at the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy, during the Media Day of the ATP Finals in Turin. In fact, just over a week has passed since the sad episode involving Italian at the Paris Rolex Masters.

The organizers of the French event decided to schedule six matches on the Central Court and, in more than a day, the last match ended late at night. The Italian's debut match against Mackenzie McDonald ended at 02:37 local time and did not give the Italian the time to recover physically.

Sinner thus announced the following morning that he would not take part in the round of 16 match with Alex de Minaur. The case has fueled the debate on the not always optimal management of the organizers of the most important tournaments of the ATP Tour.

During the Media Day of the Nitto ATP Finals, Rublev, the new representative of the Player Advisory Council, expressed his point of view on the topic by quoting Sinner himself.

Rublev: "I understand Sinner. The players deserve better treatment"

The Russian explained: "They are working on the problem of the balls.

The same goes for the programming. There is talk of a rule according to which if you start the program at 11:00 (local time - ed.) in the morning, you cannot have more than five matches on the same field. In Paris-Bercy there were six matches.

They are also trying to understand how to organize the evening sessions, because it is not easy in a Masters 1000 when you have to return to the field the next day. In Grand Slam tournaments it's a little simpler: after the match you have a free day.

The hope is that next year they will fix some of these things. Because it's not nice that a tennis player and an incredible person like Jannik, who everyone wants to see compete, can't play. It would have been great for tennis and for everyone if he had played the round of 16 in Paris.

When you finish late, it's tough physically. I understand this completely, because I've been in the same situation. The best players, like me and Jannik, bring more people to the world of tennis and should be treated better."

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