A former ace rips Holger Rune: "It was arrogant"

The Italian Paolo Bertolucci shared his opinion on the young Dane's behavior, showed in the match against Sinner

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A former ace rips Holger Rune: "It was arrogant"
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Jannik Sinner deservedly conquered the primacy of his group at the ATP Finals, obtaining at the same time access to the semi-finals, getting three victories out of as many matches. An extremely hard-fought victory against Holger Rune.

The Dane overturned a match that seemed destined to end, after the first set dominated by the Italian, only to end up defeated in three sets. The Dane's behavior on the court aroused much controversy and was not particularly appreciated by the crowd and insiders, especially the Italian ones.

One of these is Paolo Bertolucci, commentator for Sky Sport and former tennis star, who highlighted the less than professional attitudes of the young Dane: "I don't like his attitude. He always argues, he's arrogant. If you are 4-0 down against Sinner you have to be humble and have a respectful attitude.

He always looks at his corner and doesn't know how to remedy Jannik's domination, he's hitting him with balls."

Sinner and Rune talk about the match at the press conference

Sinner also suffered some physical back problems during the match, which at a certain point seemed like it could jeopardize the rest of the tournament.

Fortunately, the Italian reassured his fans: "Back problems? A little in the second set but fortunately it went away immediately. At a certain point I made a movement and felt something but it went away, my body is fine," he said.

At the press conference, the Dane made the following statements: "I always lost my first set when I played against Jannik Sinner. At the beginning I was a bit nervous, then I managed to react. He played calmly, not he had nothing to lose and maybe this relaxed him too much during the match, I don't know.

There was a lot of pressure on me instead, I tried to manage it in the best way possible but in the end I was close but not quite at his level. I think the difference both with him and with Nole is that I didn't take advantage of the break points, and this decided the match."

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