Jannik Sinner 7th heaven: "I can't wait to play against Djokovic or Alcaraz"

The Italian tennis player reached the final of the ATP Finals, and shared all his joy in the press conference

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner 7th heaven: "I can't wait to play against Djokovic or Alcaraz"
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Jannik Sinner is the future of tennis, and the final reached at the 2023 edition of the ATP Finals is just the icing on the cake of a fantastic season. The world no.4 became the first Italian tennis player to reach the final of the Masters Tournament, in 54 years of history.

Furthermore, by beating Daniil Medvedev in three sets, the Italian reached 61 victories in the season, of which 12 against Top-10 tennis players, becoming the first Italian to reach this record.

And at the press conference, Jannik shares his feelings

At the press conference, the Italian tennis player shared all his feelings.

And for me, who i am writing an article with objectivity and impartiality, I can say that it was a thrill to see one of my countryman achieve this result. "It's great to be the first Italian to reach the final in this tournament.

Obviously it was a really tough match. I expected him to change a little compared to the last few games. At the beginning I struggled a lot, he was pushing a lot and was more aggressive. I felt a lot of emotions after the match point.

The atmosphere was crazy once again. Sharing these moments with the Italian crowd means a lot to me," said Sinner. The opponent to beat in the final to achieve a historic triumph will emerge from the super challenge between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz.

"I pay attention to everything when I face the numbers one and two in the world. It will definitely be a very tough final. I don't have much time to enjoy this victory, because tomorrow will be difficult. But I can't wait to play.

It's a great privilege to be in the final here and face one of Djokovic or Alcaraz. It would be nice to have two players from the new generation in the final. I have played against Carlos many times and they have always been interesting matches.

But he will face the number one and Novak has been in this position so many times. He is trying to make history in this tournament too. I'll try to give everything I have. Previously played matches don't count, especially with this format: you can win and lose against the same tennis player. But I'm happy to have the chance to play another match in Turin," he explained.

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