Novak Djokovic's pride: "I played my best tennis against Carlos Alcaraz"

The Serb shared with the media all his joy for the final reached at the2023 edition of the ATP Finals, highlighting how his tennis was at the highest level in the challenge against the young Spaniard

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Novak Djokovic's pride: "I played my best tennis against Carlos Alcaraz"
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Finding new motivations and new ambitions is what makes a player like Novak Djokovic so special. The Serb is already considered the GOAT of tennis but, at the ATP Finals in Turin, he showed once again why he is he, and why there is there is a devide between him and his other young rivals.

The Serbian champion defeated Carlitos Alcaraz in straight sets, in the semifinal of the year-end Master. And he did it by literally destroying his young rival, deservedly achieved today afternoon final against Jannik Sinner.

If he were to reach this milestone too, Nole would become the most successful tennis player in the history of the ATP Finals, definitively overtaking Roger Federer. At the press conference, the world no.1 expressed all his joy and pride, speaking to the media about the match he just won, his goals and today's opponent, Jannik Sinner "I had a fantastic season, almost perfect with three Slams out of four and a final at Wimbledon, the eighth time as world No.

1 at the end of the season and many new records. I'm very happy with how my season went, but there's still a game to play here, I hope to crown it with another title," he told Nole talked about the semi-final won against Alcaraz, highlighting the level of play shown by the match: "I would say it was one of the best matches of the year, played against one of my most important rivals this season.

Perhaps most people , including us, thought we would go long this time too, but from the break of the first set I played a fantastic match, serving very well in the important moments. The break couldn't have come at a better time, I didn't play my best tennis in the Group stage, but luckily I managed to make it to the semi-final."

Djokovic focus on Sinner and on the comparision between Nadal and Alcaraz

The Serb focused on the highly anticipated final against Jannik Sinner: "The defeat against Sinner made me understand what I will have to improve in view of the final.

So far Jannik has undoubtedly been the best player of the tournament, he will have the whole crowd on his side, However, he will be in his first final at the ATP Finals, while for me it will be the ninth. I have already been in his situation, I hope that my experience can help me, even if I don't think it will be so decisive.

I also know what to expect from the crowd, having already faced him. Against Alcaraz I played the best tennis of my tournament so far." Finally, regarding the comparison between Rafael Nadal and Alcaraz, Djokovic underlines how the two are different tennis players: "They are different players.

There are similarities in terms of intensity on the court, yes, but Alcaraz is already incredibly complete, one of the most complete that I have ever faced. He is the youngest n°1 in history, he will have a very successful career in the future.

He always forces me to give my all and prepare the match in the best possible way, this also reminds me a bit of what used to happen before facing Nadal and Federer. I always had to bring the best of me to the court if I wanted to win."

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