Nadia Podoroska reveals why coming out is more difficult for men tennis players

The tennis player, who came out making her relationship with Guillermina Naya public, explained the reasons for men's difficulties in this particular aspect of their private life

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Nadia Podoroska reveals why coming out is more difficult for men tennis players
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It should be normal, but for many people it is difficult to come out. The fear of judgment, marginalization and violent retaliation from the most extremist groups makes it difficult for many individuals to find the courage to reveal their true nature.

This applies even more to public figures such as athletes, who are in the spotlight every week. And tennis, which has repeatedly broken down barriers in this sense, is no exception. Nadia Podoroska, for example, came out when she made her relationship with tennis player Guillermina Naya public at the beginning of 2023.

In an interview with Clay magazine, Podoroska explored the issue in depth, reflecting on how to come out there is a profound difference between the women of the WTA Tour and the men.

Podoroska on the differences between men's and women's players in coming out issue

"I see it on a day-to-day basis.

It is much more difficult for men because they are much more annoyed by other men. The one who doesn't talk much, the one who is shy, people immediately say: he's gay. That way he will never accept himself. He will never want to get close to someone.

It happens at a time like that, as I saw it, like everywhere. That's why it's much more difficult for them. It's not the same for women, that's why it's easier to be able to share and accept it. In men it is much tougher," explained the Argentinian tennis player.

In a previous interview, the tennis player had revealed: "I don't want to deny all the progress that has been made in terms of rights, but there is still a big gap. We talk about the Western countries, but there are a lot of other countries, other cultures where it is unthinkable… as for the world in general, we are light years ahead."

Nadia Podoroska