The Former Djokovic's coach revealed 2 unbeatable records for young players

Nikola Pilic believe Djokovic and Rafael Nadal set two 'indestructible' records in their career

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The Former Djokovic's coach revealed 2 unbeatable records for young players
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Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have written tennis history with some crazy records. I am of the opinion that some milestones are truly impossible to reach for the players of the future, even Nikola Pilic, the former coach of the Serbian star, has a similar thought.

Pilic said that Rafael Nadal's 14 titles at the Roland Garros and Novak Djokovic's 400 weeks as No.1 of the ATP ranking are unattainable records for the future. In fact, during an interview with Kurir, Pilic explained: "Since last year, I have been repeating that Nole is the GOAT and I will repeat and say that until everyone starts talking about it.

Of the 20 or 21 tournaments that Djokovic plays in a year, five or six tournaments he plays in sixth gear, and when he plays like that it doesn't even matter who is on the other side. He showed that he is still above Alcaraz and Sinner and that is primarily because of his mental strength and self-confidence.

I keep saying that there are two records that, in my understanding of tennis, are unattainable, those are Nadal's 14 titles at Roland Garros and Novak's 400 weeks in first place, which will be 410 until the Australian Open.

have been watching tennis for 65 years and these are all-time records."

But Djokovic, in my opinion, set other impressive records

In my opinion, other impressive records of Novak Djokovic are the 71 hard court titles (like Roger Federer) and the 10 titles at the Australian Open.

Just one victory now distances Nole from being the absolute record holder on this surface. Further away in this special ranking we see the presence of other champions who have made the history of this sport. Andrè Agassi closes the podium with 46.

Fourth and fifth are two other American tennis players Jimmy Connors (43) and Pete Sampras (36). Sixth was another important exponent who shared the field with him many times, Andy Murray (34). We recall Nole has still the chance to match Roger Federer's 8 title at Wimbledon, in the next seasons.

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