Pilic accuses Western media to belittle Djokovic's and glorify Federer


Pilic accuses Western media to belittle Djokovic's and glorify Federer
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Nikola Pilic revealed in a recent interview how the Western media has extolled Roger Federer's triumphs and simultaneously belittled Novak Djokovic's achievements. Evidently, the former Novak Djokovic's coach does not read Tennis World USA, otherwise he would see how his statements were rather questionable.

In our articles, whether editorial, in-depth or feature, Tennis World USA has always celebrated the Serbian and the Swiss equally, considering them on the same level as two legendary icons of the sport. Both for Djokovic, for Federer and for all the other tennis players, the media (us included), offer analyzes not only of the positive moments, but also of the negative moments.

I underline: equally for everyone (Do you hear me Nikola Pilic?).

Nikola Pilic shares controversial (and wrong) thoughts

The former Djokovic's coach expressed his questionable thoughts after Nole won the 2023 ATP Finals title, becoming the winningest tennis player in the history of the year-ned Masters, in addition to all the other broken records.

In an interview with Serbian media Kurir, Pilic shared his thoughts, citing an instance where he saw Federer's photograph on the cover of a German magazine the day after Djokovic won the ATP Finals. "The Western press belittles every success of Novak and they don't want to accept that he is the GOAT, and that is already a finished story.

Today I received a German magazine and on the cover is Federer in a tuxedo. What will Federer do on the cover the day after the tournament in Turin foreign? With all due respect for everything he has done, he has been in his well-deserved retirement for a year now.

This is their disparagement, but in vain, Novak won and told them boys, continued one of the most deserving people that Novak is where it is." The Western media (and I speak firsthand, as I am an editor of an English-speaking media) loves tennis in all its nuances.

Djokovic, Federer, Nadal are faces of the same coin of success and glory. Such a thought denotes little respect for those who do our job and, in my opinion, little knowledge of the sports media that mainly deal with tennis.

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