The former Federer's coach praises Sinner's fairness

Ivan Ljubicic shares special words for the young Italian player

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The former Federer's coach praises Sinner's fairness
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Jannik Sinner had a great week at the ATP Finals in Turin, losing in the final to Novak Djokovic, but winning all the other matches of his tournament. The Italian, as I just told you, only surrendered in the final to the world number 1, who reached the final thanks to Sinner's fairness.

Jannik, in fact, already qualified for the semi-finals, could have eliminated Djokovic, losing the match with Holger Rune, The Italian instead honored the match, beating the Dane and qualifying Djokovic, his executioner in the final.

Both before and after the match, many were talking about alleged calculations against Rune, a decision that was very controversial for some. Sinner instead proved himself to be an example of loyalty and correctness, receiving praise from Novak Djokovic and his entire team (just think that it was the first thing Ivanisevic said in the press conference - ed.).

Ivan Ljubicic analyzed the match beween Sinner and Djokovic

Among those who paid homage to Sinner's decision not to make any calculations is Roger Federer's former coach, Ivan Ljubicic. In an interview with Sky Sport, the Croatian explained: "We knew it would be a complicated match for Jannik, it was difficult to replicate the performance against Djokovic.

Nole dominated the first set while in the second set he lost mental rhythm and in my opinion he had some discomfort, I hope nothing important. Tuesday was obviously much better, but we're not satisfied." The Croatian coach then highlighted how Sinner he was a true example of fairness.

The young Italian's numbers are constantly growing, as seen throughout the entire season. A patient and constant growth, which has been crowned by positive results, titles and great performances. The final at the year-end Masters is just his latest major milestone.

This year, Jannik won his first ATP Masters 1000 (in Toronto), reached his best ATP ranking, 4th place, and defeated players he had never managed to beat in his career. Like Daniil Medvewdev (for the last three consecutive times), Nvak Djokovic and Holger Rune (both in the qualifying group of the ATP Finals). And the season is not over for him, considering that he is competing in the Davis Cup Finals with his team.

Ivan Ljubicic