Djokovic brings Serbia to Davis Cup semis: "An honor to represent my country"

The Serbian talked about some topics, after his Davis Cup semifinal match won against Cameron Norrie

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Djokovic brings Serbia to Davis Cup semis: "An honor to represent my country"
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Novak Djokovic adds another step to his already amazing season, qualifying with his Serbia for the 2023 Davis Cup semi-finals. In tomorrow's match, Nole and his teammates will challenge Jannik Sinner's Italy. The Serbian champion who recently won the ATP Finals won his quarterfinal match against the representative of team United Kingdom, Cameron Norrie.

Nole didn't struggle even in the initial service games and from 2-2 onwards he began to forcefully undermine the 28-year-old tennis player. In complete management of the match, Djokovic closed the match 6-4 6-4, avoiding further problems and saving himself for the next matches against Italy and a possible final.

Nole analyzed his Davis Cup path

At the press conference, the Serbian talked about some topics, not sparing some criticism for the noise produced by the crowd. "Pretty much the whole match, people in the crowd showed a lack of respect, but again, that's something I have to be prepared for.

In Davis Cup it's normal for fans to sometimes cross the line, but in the heat of the moment you also react and you, in a way, how can I put it, show that you don't allow this kind of behavior." After the match, in the on-court interview, the British fans started playing loudly, drowning out his voice.

Djokovic replied: "We will sleep well tonight, keep it up, keep it up. Learn to respect the players. Shut up!" The Serb then said about the match and about the chance to win the Davis Cup after 12 years: "It will be fantastic for the Italian and Serbian fans, but also for Malaga.

Lately we have been developing a good rivalry, I respect it a lot. And one could say that the tennis of life is being played. I watched some of the singles and doubles he won on Friday, it was amazing. He played at a really high level and I saw that he was very enthusiastic about playing for his country.

It was impressive how they managed to overturn the 0-1 deficit. I know what awaits me and that he is very confident. I'm not playing bad either, so I think it'll be a good match. It is an absolute honor and privilege to represent the country, to wear the flag on your shirt when you are on the court.

It's also a greater responsibility. When I look at the bench, there is usually no one sitting. Instead, on these occasions my captain, who is my childhood friend, is sitting. We won the Davis Cup together in 2010 and a few days ago we said how much that victory really contributed to our individual success in our careers.

There is a great team spirit, we believe we have a good chance of winning the title. The fact that I am undefeated since 2011 somehow shows my dedication and my true goal to play for my country. I take it really seriously and always try to deliver my best game."

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