Christopher Eubanks reveals why his goal is to save money

The North American tennis player spoke about managing the gains achieved in his excellent season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Christopher Eubanks reveals why his goal is to save money
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Christopher Eubanks was one of the happiest surprises of 2023, especially when it comes to American tennis. The North American tennis player has climbed the ATP ranking, going from 120th position in the men's ranking to inside the top 30.

Eubanks, in addition to the performances, the rise in the rankings and the notoriety, also had to deal with important economic gains to manage. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he said he purchased a $3,000 watch, the most expensive thing he had ever bought.

But he also talked about money management. "I remember before I went out to Shanghai, about 10, 12 of us just got together in L.A. for a dinner. But I haven't really bought anything too, too crazy. Most of that money, I'm setting aside to pay taxes on and to save as much as I can.

Oh, I think I may have bought a watch. That was no more than, like, maybe three grand. For the most part, my coach and I, we've been doing a pretty good job over these past, whatever, 18 months. So it's not really a need to look at changing anything.

We're just going to kind of keep going the way that it's been going. And, you know, in tennis, like , things can turn quickly. So my main focus is just setting money aside for a rainy day, I hope, never happens, never comes, but I'm sure it's pretty inevitable in this sport."

The rise after Wimbledon

London's incredible rise led him to reach the top thirty in the world, an absolutely unprecedented result for him.

The 27-year-old, at the end of his experience on the prestigious fields of the All England Club, took stock: "All this gives me a lot of confidence in my ability to compete with some of the best in the world, something that perhaps wasn't clear to me a few years ago.

I'm enjoying the journey, we'll see where my career takes me, I want to continue working as hard as I have so far. I'm probably having more fun playing tennis than ever, so I'll try to keep this momentum going, we'll see where it takes me."

Christopher Eubanks