GB captain rips Djokovic: "This atmosphere is good for tennis"

Leon Smith explained his point of view on the issue that occurred between Nole and the British fans, during the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup 2023

by Lorenzo Ciotti
GB captain rips Djokovic: "This atmosphere is good for tennis"
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Today Novak Djokovic will challenge Jannik Sinner and team Italy, in the semi-finals of the Davis Cup, but the controversy over what happened with the British fans in the quarter-finals has not yet subsided. Leon Smith, current captain of Great Britain, addressed the topic in a press conference.

"I can talk about the best matches I've been involved in in this competition: the best ones are the ones with noisy fans. When the atmosphere is flat and nobody applauds, it all becomes quite boring. This is one of the positive aspects of the Davis Cup.

It's something that goes beyond. I would hate not to play in this atmosphere, because there are already many matches that are played in total tranquility in tennis. This atmosphere is good for tennis. The discussion at the net with Djokovic? No, I shook hands with Viktor Troicki and said great job to Djokovic.

He played a great match and nothing happened between us. We all shook hands. Serbia played great against us. Like I said before, I don't think it's that bad to play in this kind of atmosphere."

Why Novak Djokovic silenced British fans

It was certainly a terrible moment of tennis, from all sides, for all parties involved and from every point of view.

In addition to the tension of the decisive match against Cameron Norrie, Nole also had to deal with the numerous Great Britain fans who came to Malaga to support their country's team. During the match, the Serbian had more than one argument with the British fans and the situation became even more tense after the match. "You should learn to have some respect, to respect the players, you keep quiet," said the Serbian champion several times.

His words came in response to the shouts, whistles and loud drumming that accompanied his on-court interview. Meanwhili, within few hours, Nole will have the chance to bring Serbia to the Davis Cup final.

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