Matteo Berrettini: "I'm not envious of Jannik Sinner"

The Wimbledon finalist shared beautiful words for his young countryman, who will challenge Djokovic in the Davis Cup today

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Matteo Berrettini: "I'm not envious of Jannik Sinner"
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Jannik Sinner is showing some truly sensational tennis in 2023, also receiving great praise from his countryman Matteo Berrettini. The former Wimbledon finalist is in Malaga together with his national team teammates to support them in the Davis Cup.

The 27-year-old recently denied being in competition with Jannik Sinner, nor feeling envious of the splendid period he is going through. "I always knew Jannik would do all this. It's something he feels when he plays with a top-level tennis player.

His growth was only a matter of time. The conditions in Turin, and indoor tournaments in general, are his own. He demonstrated this from an early age. He is behind Novak on the fast track. There is no envy. It's a question of healthy competitiveness.

I define it as I believe he used it in previous years." Matteo does not deny his disappointment at not having been able to participate in the last important competitions: "I certainly would have liked to be there. I would have liked to be at the Finals.

More than anything else, enjoy them as he enjoyed them. The Turin episode was the biggest disappointment, looking back, of my career. I had had a very, very positive season and I wasn't able to enjoy the crowd and all the emotion of that very special tournament." But finally he made a promise to his fans, speaking again about Sinner: "He impressed me with how quickly he has improved and he is certainly a great incentive to put myself in and work," he concluded.

Matteo is in Malaga to support Italy in Davis (and to forget the problems)

Berrettini spent almost an entire season sidelined due to a series of injuries, which prevented him from playing major tournaments and fighting with the best athletes in the world.

Despite not yet being in top physical condition, the former Wimbledon finalist didn't think twice and joined them at the final stages of the world national team competition to give them moral support, unfortunately not being able to take the court.

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