Djokovic bows to Sinner, sharing a massive praise for the Italian

The Serbian star try to explain the two defeats, in singles and doubles, against the Italian, at the Davis Cup semis

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Djokovic bows to Sinner, sharing a massive praise for the Italian
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Novak Djokovic has lost only 6 matches all year, two of which against Jannik Sinner and in the space of ten days. The Italian actually beat the Serbian twice today in the Davis Cup semi-final: first in the men's singles match, then in the decisive point in doubles.

Djokovic commented in the press conference on the harsh elimination, in a year in which the 24-time Slam champion dreamed of bringing back the trophy in Serbia, 14 years after the last triumph. Djokovic explained: "Congratulations to Italy for qualifying for the finals.

They deserved it. They played really well, especially Jannik, in the singles against me and also in the doubles. One can only compliment and take one's hat off for such a performance. For me personally it is a big disappointment, because I take responsibility for having had three match points and not having realized them.

It's really a shame. This is sport. When you lose for your country, the feeling of bitterness is even greater."

Novak Djokovic tries to explain the reasons for the defeat

The Serbian then analyzed the decisive moment of his singles match against Sinner, when the Italian canceled three match points and turned the match around.

Djokovic explained: "At this level, against one of the best players in the world, everything happens very, very quickly. At 40-40 I was in the rally. I made a mistake, but from the center of the court, I cut long and he served a couple of big serves.

Yes, maybe I had a passing shot at 30-40, but he was coming to the net. He was serving very well. It was difficult to read his serve and he served well when he needed it. Even today, at 40-40, 3-2 for us, second set in doubles, once again, the serve was practically on the line.

When someone plays like that, you just have to say that he was good. We know that he has one of the fastest forehands on the circuit and that he puts a lot of spin and power into it. He didn't surprise me that much. I know Jannik's qualities, but I thought maybe he would drop a little in doubles, but that wasn't the case.

He maintained an extremely high level and at the end of the singles match, even in the third set, I had many chances to break him and I was in his service games, but every time he needed it he found the serve . Yes, it was a great performance from them."

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