Truth or exaggeration? "Sinner is superior to Alcaraz," said a former ace

Paolo Bertolucci, former Italian tennis player, highlighted how only Novak Djokovic is better than Sinner

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Truth or exaggeration? "Sinner is superior to Alcaraz," said a former ace
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I have always underlined how Jannik Sinner is a great player, destined to become one of the best of his generation. He will win some Slams tournaments, he can aspire to become world no.1, in the medium-long term. But, ae a few months of fantastic performances enough to give credence to what former Italian tennis player Paolo Bertolucci said? Since this Summer, Sinner has raised his level considerably, showing fantastic tennis, obtaining titles and beating all the strongest players in the world.

He even defeated Novak Djokovic twice. But can this be enough to say that the young Italian is superior to Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev, as Bertolucci said? To date, the answer is: yes, Sinner is in a better condition than the Spanish and the Russian.

So, at this precise moment, Sinner is superior to both Carlitos and Daniil. If you look at the career results (so far), the answer is obviously no. Alcaraz has won much more important and prestigious titles than Sinner, and is two years younger than the young Italian.

Medvedev has also won more important titles than Sinner, despite the Russian being five years older than Jannik. What is true is that Jannik Sinner is rewriting the history of Italian tennis, and not only that. Can he become consistently superior to Alcaraz and Medvedev? The answer is yes: if Sinner reaches full physical, technical and mental maturity, he can aspire to be truly superior to his young Spanish rival and the Russian.

Is Bertolucci right in saying that Sinner is superior to Alcaraz and Medvedev?

La Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed Sky Sport commentator Paolo Bertolucci, who talked abiut teh fantastic moment of the Italian player. "Sinner accomplished a great feat against the strong Serbia.

Jannik is a champion who for over a month now has been playing at supersonic speed for all his opponents, including the great Nole (but it should be underlined that Djokovic, in the final of the ATP Finals - the most important match of this month - was unplayable, for Sinner - ed.).

No one can keep up with his pace, which combines power and precision and yesterday Nole was also in great difficulty and in the end had to give in. This third act of their challenge shows that the distance between the two has shortened and is now a matter of centimeters.

At the moment Sinner is number 2, or even a sort of number 1bis but I see him superior to Alcaraz and Medvedev. Jannik is so strong that even his doubles partner, whoever he may be, alongside him can express himself without fear because in the end he takes care of it.

Now there's the final with Australia, who were good on grass in the past but now it will be an important play-off. For Jannik it won't be a problem to win against De Minaur while Popyrin is an uncomfortable client for Arnaldi and Sonego. The hopes of victory are entrusted to Sinner," explained Bertolucci

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