Becker shares a massive praise for Djokovic: "He's like LeBron James and Tom Brady"

The former German champion released important words for the Serb, comparing him to the greatest athletes of this era

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Becker shares a massive praise for Djokovic: "He's like LeBron James and Tom Brady"
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Boris Becker arrived just over a month ago alongside Holger Rune and immediately got to work to help him become a top player. The German coach on the Eurosport Germany podcast, Das Gelbe vom Ball, talked about his player: "I see him as a rough diamond that needs to be polished.

Ultimately I love the sport of tennis. And when one of the most twenty-year-olds strongest in the world asks me if I'm interested, anyone who says no has nothing to do with sport." The former slam champion sees in the Scandinavian talent a tennis player he has already coached in the past, Novak Djokovic: "I like those emotional outbursts on the court.

Nole was the same, sometimes he wasn't entirely sane."

Becker shares a big praise for Djokovic

In a recent interview, Becker compared Novak Djokovic to athletes such as Lionel Messi, LeBron James and Tom Brady. During the Eurosport Germany Tennis Podcast, Becker said that Djokovic's greatness shines beyond tennis.

"Maybe you have to look at it more generally and he's not just the best tennis player at the moment, but the best sportsman. I want to compare him to a Lionel Messi, a LeBron James and a Tom Brady. For me, that's the category Novak is in because all these athletes are dominating or have dominated their sport even in their mid or late thirties.

I hope he continues to do so for a long time because nothing better can happen to young players than to compete on the same level as the most successful player of all time. That's the best lesson in tennis." Rune, on the other hand, expressed his thoughts a few weeks ago regarding the new coach and the relationship between them at Sportklub. "It is never easy to reverse a negative spiral like the one we have experienced in recent months.

Boris helped me a lot with this. I've literally come back from the brink, from a period where I was constantly losing matches in the first round," explained the young Dane.

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