Iga Swiatek honestly admits the difficulties experienced in 2023

The WTA world no.1 revealed how this season has been the most difficult for her

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Iga Swiatek honestly admits the difficulties experienced in 2023
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Iga Swiatek had no problem admitting that 2023 was the most difficult season she has experienced since becoming a professional. And despite the exciting triumphs achieved this year. The Polish world no.1 champion has already returned to training, starting her preseason and, in an interview with Punto de Break, she explained what are the reasons that led her to consider this season the most difficult of her career she.

"This has been the most difficult year of my career, although my possibilities are also increasing. What seemed complicated to me two years ago, doesn't seem so complicated now. It's not just about adapting to situations, since I started the season as No.

1 and then lost that position, but also injuries. For me it has been another year playing at the highest level, so I didn't even have time to go home and rest."

She considers 2023 a difficult season, but the records are sensational

I must say that although Iga considers her season difficult, she achieved successes and records.

She won the Roland Garros and the WTA Finals, also returning WTA world no.1. A super season, which could be a dream for every player. In a press conference on the eve of the final of the year-end Masters, Iga said: "Being number 1 in the world again is definitely a dream come true.

I would say that after this season I didn't expect to return to this position at the end of the year, I was already thinking about next year and doing well again. Instead I played a great tournament, this is proof that working hard and focusing on the right things pays off in the end.

I can say I'm really happy." On her opponent in the final: "I'm happy with how this week went, a response to the rest of the season. I hope that this 2023 will be useful as an experience for the future."

Iga Swiatek