Jannik Sinner's coach doesn't forget Italian media criticisms: "We silenced them"

Simone Vagnozzi replied, after the victory of the Davis Cup, to the barrage of criticism unfairly received by some Italian media, like Gazzetta dello Sport, after what happened in Bologna

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner's coach doesn't forget Italian media criticisms: "We silenced them"
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The victory in the Davis Cup and the great performances offered by Jannik Sinner between the ATP Finals in Turin and the Davis Cup in Malaga have swept away the unfair controversies perpetuated by some Italian media, which had invested the young Italian tennis player a few months ago.

A clear example were the editorial articles published by the Gazzetta dello Sport (which now celebrates the Italian champion, but which previously harshly criticized him...). Someone may have erased from their memory all the criticisms rained down on Jannik Sinner, after giving up the group stage in Bologna.

Coach Simone Vagnozzi knew the state of mind that accompanied Sinner during those days in which he had to deal with excessive inconsistent words from the Italian media, which first attacked and now celebrate the young tennis player.

Vagnozzi does not forget the criticism

It's also difficult not to think of the emblematic title: A National Case, chosen by Sportweek, the weekly of newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, to address his absence in Bologna. As well as the numerous articles contained within, In one of them, they even asked Sinner to apologize!

Crazy stuff. The 22-year-old Italian responded on the court. And, after the exciting season finale, he brought the Davis Cup back to Italy. At the end of the decisive match with Alex de Minaur, Vagnozzi explained: "The choice we made not to go to Bologna was also in Davis' perspective.

Here, as we saw, Jannik was in full form. We saw how much energy he had again, despite Turin. This makes us proud to have made that choice which later turned out to be the right one for everyone, for Italy and for Jannik. Yes...

we can say it, we silenced someone!" Jannik Sinner will restart to train in middle December after a time of vacation and rest, in order to come back competitive for the beginning of the 2024 tennis season, whoch will start with the Australian Swing.

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