"Sinner couldn't stand up before the Davis Cup final," Bianghi's shocking revelation

The CEO of the Italian Tennis Federation revealed an incredible backstory before last Sunday's final against Australia

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"Sinner couldn't stand up before the Davis Cup final," Bianghi's shocking revelation
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Angelo Binaghi, CEO of the Italian Tennis Federation, revealed an incredible background on the Davis Cup final between Italy and Australia. The number 1 of Italian tennis has in fact done a retrospective on Jannik Sinner's physical condition a few hours before the final.

Binaghi spent a lot of time with the tennis players before the final and, in an interview with the Italian newspaper L'Unione Sarda, talked about the morning Sinner experienced last Sunday. "I confirm it, Sinner couldn't get up, he went back to bed after breakfast, at midday on Sunday he couldn't stand.

The greatest fortune is to have such a serious athlete, who loves work, commitment and who spares no effort. Many people didn't understand Sinner well. He is the smartest tennis player I have ever met, with an education and work culture never seen before.

Djokovic? Novak is the strongest player in history. A monster who has won everything, always. And you who beat him like that have two huge balls, you are a player of exceptional level and for your country you manage to give beyond your best," said Binaghi, before praising the work of the Federation and the dedication of the team led by Filippo Volandri.

"It's not my year, it's a ruling class that took over the most disastrous discipline in Italy, we were poor, ugly and bad, without money and players, with large swathes of corruption within our system. Today we are beautiful, with the best players in the world, and we are rich because we have created a positive and profitable system.

Private individuals and public bodies today know what a gold mine tennis is. And our athletes are extraordinary kids, before being champions on the court"

Sinner, the understandable tiredness and the work ethic

The young Italian reached the final in the Masters Tournament in Turin, playing many long matches and reached Malaga for the Finals a few hours after defeating Novak Djokovic.

Sinner had to play at the highest level in both the quarter-finals and semi-finals in the matches against Holland and Serbia, overcoming Djokovic by saving three match points in a row, taking to the court in both singles and doubles.

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