Jannik Sinner's mother on her son's matches: "I can't watch them!"

Siglinde, the mother of the world no.4, told a nice and moving anecdote about watching her son's matches

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Jannik Sinner's mother on her son's matches: "I can't watch them!"
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Siglinde, mother of the young Italian champion Jannik Sinner, told what she feels when she watches her son's matches. A year concluded as number 4 in the world, winner of an ATP master 1000, finalist in the ATP Finals, and absolute protagonist of Italy's victory in the Davis Cup, which came 47 years after the last time.

In a recent interview with Adnkronos, the Italian champion's mother spoke about her relationship with her son and told some anecdotes from her childhood. Siglinde, 57 years old, preferred not to say too much about the possibilities and results of her son. "Of course I'm happy for everything Jannik has done but I prefer not to say anything else," she said.

His mother follows him when he plays near the house. When she is not present in the stands however, she prefers to turn off the television. "I can't stand to see it, I get something here, for me it's too… too much," she explained.

Jannik's parents are one of his secrets

Siglinde together with her husband Hans Peter, two years older than her, worked for years at their restaurant (Rifugio Talschlusshütte in Val Fiscalina), where he was the cook and she took care of welcoming customers.

Since this year, her husband has been following Jannik around the circuit. "He started traveling with me. He loves to cook, I can take care of his diet well and above all we can make up for some of the too much time we were apart," declared Jannik, who then added about his parents: "They they've always done it, the first time alone, at 13 years old in Bordighera, I called them because I was a bit nostalgic or, perhaps, because I was a bit sad if something had gone wrong on the pitch or I had lost a match.

Mom told me that she had to work, that's when I understood that my problems were relative." Jannik will come back on the court for the upcoming Australian Swing, where he wuil try to get good results, especially at the Melbourne Slam.

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