An ex Slam winner defends Berrettini: "Women have never hurt anyone!"

A former Roland Garros champion talked about the criticism received by the Italian player in recent months

by Lorenzo Ciotti
An ex Slam winner defends Berrettini: "Women have never hurt anyone!"
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In the last months many fans (and some insiders) shared harsh words about Matteo Berrettini and his relationship with the showgirl Melissa Satta. Many fans believe the woman is a distraction for the Italian talent, and that she is the cause of Matteo's crisis.

An absolutely questionable assessment. Adriano Panatta talked about it in an interview for Il Riformista. "The controversy over the relationship between Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta? For me Matteo does nothing in particular, what wrong is it to have met a beautiful and famous girl? I don't think there is anything wrong at all.

Why should we think that a beautiful famous girl can do harm? And then above all let's say that women have never hurt anyone, ever! I believe that he should live his life, I don't have to give him any advice, I know that they are very good together and live their story peacefully.

It's normal that the spotlight is on them but Matteo is prone to injuries because of his game and not because of his relationship with Satta," explained Panatta. Through Matteo's endless crisis 2023 was a rather complicated year for Berrettini.

Constant physical problems, a performance below expectations and some flashes of light only in the grass season, where however he appeared not to be in top condition. The former world number 6 saw his ranking gradually decline.

Berrettini has dropped to the current 92nd position in the ATP ranking. Certainly not a ranking consistent with the quality of the tennis player, but it must be said that the Italian will have to do something in 2024 if he wants to return to competing during the clutch moments of the season.

Berrettini has been posting stories and photos relating to his training several times in recent days and the fans hope to see him competitive again soon. In recent days we have only seen him as a fan, during the Malaga experience where he certainly gave a moral boost to the other Italians who won the second Davis Cup in their history.

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