Rune rips Alcaraz and Sinner: "I don't need them to motivate me"

The Danish tennis player revealed his ambitions and motivations for the upcoming season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rune rips Alcaraz and Sinner: "I don't need them to motivate me"
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The young Danish talent Holger Rune talked about his rivalry with Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner during the latest episode of the Advantage Connors podcast. The Dane stressed that he doesn't need Carlitos and Jannik to be motivated. "It's very nice to be part of this group, they are both doing very, very well.

Sinner had a phenomenal season and Carlos obviously won another Slam at Wimbledon. But honestly I already have strong motivations, so I don't need other players to motivate me or keep me focused. If Sinner wins a tournament or loses in the first round, I wish him the best, but that doesn't affect my motivation," said Rune.

The Dane also expressed his wish for next season, which is to beat Djokovic in the Australian Open final The Serbian champion has never lost in the last act of the Australian Slam.

And Boris Becker will help him pursue his goals

Rune will begin 2024 with Boris Becker by his side.

The young Danish tennis player had decided to rely on the legendary German former star to overcome a difficult period of crisis that has gone through this season. Becker will be able to be the right guide for the young champion, and will try to guide him in this growth phase of his career.

"He knows exactly how a player feels on the court and can guide you in the right direction," Holger said. The Dane managed to stave off the results crisis and played for the first time in his career at the Nitto ATP Finals, where he finished in third place in the Green Group.

Novak Djokovic has reiterated in several interviews that Rune will be part of the next Big 3 together with Alcaraz and Sinner. The German coach, in just a few weeks, seems to have gained the total trust of Rune who has underlined on several occasions that he has great respect for him.