Daria Saville rips the WTA, claiming how ATP is a step forward

The Australian tennis player discussed the critical issues that women's tennis is facing, also proposing some interesting ideas

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Daria Saville rips the WTA, claiming how ATP is a step forward
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The Australian tennis player Daria Saville, in an interview with Tennis Magazin, commented on the state of difficulty in which she finds the WTA Tour, after the problems experienced in 2023 by women's tennis, from different points of view.

"ATP is doing a good job, in my opinion the WTA is a bit behind. I don't know why, perhaps due to the social interest in women's tennis. It would be nice if more young spectators came to the stadiums, that's why I'm always very active on TikTok, that's where kids can see how great the sport is," said Saville.

On the controversial choice of not having the Top 30 participate in minor tournaments, Daria expained: "The people who made these decisions certainly didn't launch this idea overnight. There are excellent ideas and reasons behind this planning, but not we will know how things will go until it happens.

At the ATP 250 in Bastad, for example, Andrey Rublev and Casper Ruud played in the final. This will no longer be possible for us, because very soon no top 10 player will be able to play this category of tournaments. In this sense, we should copy and paste some things that are done in the ATP." Daria expressed also about Saudi's growing interest in the world of tennis, by explaining: "If the prize money is enormously high, then it will be fine.

I don't think there will be many spectators, that would be the negative aspect, because as a professional tennis player you want to play in front of a lot of people. I once received a message at the Hamburg tournament from a person who took his children to play tennis for the first time and the first match they saw was one of mine.

This kind of thing inspires younger people, I don't know if we can inspire people in Saudi Arabia."

What future for the WTA?

After a year in which the WTA's problems came to the surface, there are many doubts about what will become of the women's tennis organization.

In fact, a merger of the WTA with the ATP seems inevitable, the only possibility of salvation from bankruptcy for the organization.

Daria Saville