A former star leaves doubts aside: "Sinner can beat Djokovic now"

Paolo Bertolucci highlights how the 'distance' between the young Italian and the Serbian champion has been significantly reduced

by Lorenzo Ciotti
A former star leaves doubts aside: "Sinner can beat Djokovic now"
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Paolo Bertolucci expressed himself on the new dimension reached by Jannik Sinner, starting - during a podcast with Adriano Panatta - from the match won by the young Italian against Novak Djokovic, in the Davis Cup. "He took another step forward because it was the third set in 10 days and how he played it.

Among other things, even with a less than excellent service performance and some errors from behind, he beat Djokovic for the second time, we are on another level. He is millimeters away from the Serbian, in terms of tennis expression, that is, in the match against him we start from a level playing field.

Until four months ago, if you won a set you could be happy," explained Bertolucci.

Sinner's improvements were evident in second half 2023

Jannik Sinner's latest performances have created the conditions to make the Italian one of the great protagonists next season.

Jannik seems to have acquired a new awareness and, also taking advantage of the great work done by Simone Vagnozzi and Darren Cahill, has added more variety to his game. Sinner has also improved his serve exponentially and started attacking the net with greater confidence in important moments of matches.

This was probably the key to the three successes obtained against Daniil Medvedev, an opponent who had defeated him 6 times out of 6, in Beijing, Vienna and Turin. At the ATP Finals, Jannik Sinner faced Novak Djokovic on two occasions.

The Italian tennis player won the battle with the Serbian in the second Round Robin match, but surrendered in the final of the tournament, in two sets. In the Davis Cup, however, Sinner achieved a real feat, canceling three match points in a row against Djokovic, putting Italy back in the running.

The Italians not only eliminated Serbia in the semifinals thanks to their comeback, but they brought the famous salad bowl back to Italy 47 years later. After this premise, it is clear how the young Italian will be one of the most awaited player, in the next season.

Paolo Bertolucci