Matteo Berrettini reveals when he will return to the court

The Italian tennis player, after the physical problems of recent months, will return to the court in Australia

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Matteo Berrettini reveals when he will return to the court
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Matteo Berrettini is preparing to finally come back to the court, after having spent the last few months struggling with injuries and ungenerous criticism.
But now it's time to play. The Italian officially confirmed – during the SuperTennis Awards – that he will finally return to playing tennis from the upcoming Australian Swing.

"In 2024 I want to experience the emotions I felt in Malaga and Bologna during Davis. I want to experience those sensations experienced off the court on the pitch too because that's what I missed the most. Screaming for my teammates was good for me, I hope to continue to get angry for a missed shot and get excited for a winner.

I'm fine, I'm excited. Davis left us all with great enthusiasm, it's a victory that comes from afar, from all the defeats that hurt us. I will now return to the tournaments in Australia but with my current ranking everything will be more complicated," announced Berrettini, showing that he is excited for the next demanding season.

The last troubled months of Matteo Berrettini

The former Wimbledon finalist was in Malaga with his teammates, winner of the second Davis Cup in Italian history, but he could only act as moral support for the group. The Italian was unable to take to the court due to the ankle injury suffered at the US Open.

An injury that practically put an end to his 2023 tennis season. Berrettini joined his compatriots in Malaga and supported them from the first to the last match with the passion of someone who wanted to offer their contribution by doing what they love most: playing tennis.

The 27-year-old must have thought several times about the numerous injuries he suffered but also the emotions he felt following an incredible triumph. Berrettini will try to start again from the emotional aspect and from the desire to write new and fantastic chapters to compose the book of his career.

Matteo Berrettini