Norrie predicts Alcaraz will do better than Sinner, in 2024

The British tennis player analyzed several tips about the greatest rivalry of the imminent future

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Norrie predicts Alcaraz will do better than Sinner, in 2024
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The British Cameron Norrie granted an exclusive interview to Tennis365, during which he talked about many interesting topics, including the rivalry between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner. And Norrie predicted how the Spaniard will do better than the Italian, in next season.

"I think Alcaraz will do better than Sinner next year. I think the Spaniard has a more complete game. He moves better than Sinner on the court, he has the ability to vary more with his forehand. He plays the drop shot better and at the net he is stronger than Jannik.

So I say that he will have a better season than Sinner. We'll see, I could also be wrong," he explained. Norrie has stated in the past that his big goal is to become number 1 in the world, a dream he doesn't want to stop believing in.

"It's what I want. It's something big for me, but it's my goal. If you behave like number one every day, then you have a better chance of reaching that position. This year didn't go the way I would have liked and I have to learn from what happened.

I want to have a number one mentality in 2024. I believe I can improve my best ranking and climb above eighth place," he said.

The new rivalry that sparking tennis fans: Alcaraz vs Sinner

Currently there is no doubt that Carlitos has achieved better results than Sinner.

The Spaniard has won two Grand Slam tournaments, the first at the US Open in 2022 and the second at Wimbledon this year, four ATP Masters 1000s and has also become the youngest world No.1 in history. However, the young Italian has always shown that he knows how to adapt well to Alcaraz's game and won four of the seven head-to-heads played against the young Spaniard. Sinner seems to have taken a big step forward in the final part of 2023 and expectations are high ahead of next season.