Ex Serena Williams' coach reveals the decisive moment in Coco Gauff's season

Rennae Stubbs - during her podcast - analyzed how the defeat in the second round of Wimbledon 2023 was the decisive moment of the young US star's season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ex Serena Williams' coach reveals the decisive moment in Coco Gauff's season
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Coco Gauff finally fulfilled her young career dream by winning her first career Major in front of the friendly crowd, at Flushing Meadows. The young US tennis star lit up the Summer on the North American hard-courts, demonstrating that she is ready to take on the legacy left by Serena Williams.

And, speaking of Serena Williams, her former coach Rennae Stubbs, talked about the young American champion during The Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast with Andrea Petkovic. Stubbs highlighted how Wimbledon 2023's first-round loss to Sofia Kenin was crucial to Coco's rise during the glorious Summer on the North American hard-courts.

Defeat at Wimbledon, the the glory, for Coco

"It's sort of similar to Serena losing first round of the French Open, yeah to a French player what was her name the glasses, Virginie Razzano. I think that match turned around Serena's career and I think that this match turned around Coco's, because she was out of there, she lost kind of earlyish in the doubles as well so she left early, went back to Florida and started training on hard-court and you know got Brad Gilbert to help her out once Wimbledon was over, and his ESPN duties were done.

I think that what Gilbert did to her is that he made her understand, I think, that it's: yes, your forehand is definitely dodgy, definitely needs to change in some respects! Or we deal with it and we use all of what you've got going for you which is your legs, quickest player on tour you know arguably other than maybe Iga.

Unbelievable backhand, serve when it's going in is huge very difficult to break her, good at the net, so good at the net, so everything she has going for her except the forehand so okay let's not miss the forehand and let's improve everything else and that's what happened," explained Stubbs.

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