Taylor Fritz is excited to leave the ATP Tour for eventual 'Premier Tour'

The North American tennis player revealed how he is in favor of the idea of creating a Tour that includes only the Slams and the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Taylor Fritz is excited to leave the ATP Tour for eventual 'Premier Tour'
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A few weeks ago a emerged a rumor about the possibility of creating a parallel Tour to the current ATP Tour, including the four Slams and all the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments. This news is just a rumor, but it has already sparked comments from some tennis players.

The idea would be to establish a Premium Tour in which to combine the four Slams and all the ATP/WTA 1000 tournaments. As reported by Tennishead, Taylor Fritz has expressed his opinion on this possibility of change. And the American tennis player talked about this possibility to the Sydney Morning Herald, expressing his positive opinion about it."

Fritz is excited about an eventual Premier Tour

"It's a great idea and I think we should have separate Tours.

If you're on the main Tour, the big one, you should be able to play all the big events, and they should all be slightly bigger events to get all the top 100 in, and I think honestly we should only play those. You can have 14 highlight events and this makes tennis easy to follow for fans, because you only have to pay attention to those tournaments.

There are no people who get tons of points between one event and another, like in the ATP 250 and 500, and above all there is no absurd program for us players," he explained. The number 10 in the ATP ranking then spoke of the United Cup, an exhibition tournament that the North American team defends, after the success of 2023.

"With the different format, a lot more things can happen and it will be much more difficult for us to defend the title. But we are definitely still one of the best teams, so we'll see," said Fritz. The USA is placed in group C with Australia and Great Britain.

"De Minaur of Australia will be difficult to face, and then myself and Cameron Norrie of Great Britain have played many times, and we have had many close matches, so I will have to be prepared. One of the positive aspects of this event is that I can play some high-level matches before the Australian Open and feel ready," he analyzed.

The new tennis season could therefore reserve important changes in the ATP Tour. After the well-known economic problems that are gripping the WTA, which now seems destined for bankruptcy and could only be saved by a merger with the men's association. Or, precisely, the creation of a new parallel Tour.

Taylor Fritz