Andrea Petkovic shares a massive praise for Djokovic and Sinner

During the Rennae Stubbs' podcast, the former German star shares an interesting analyses on the two champions

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrea Petkovic shares a massive praise for Djokovic and Sinner
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The former German tennis player Andrea Petkovic expressed interesting considerations regarding Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner, in the Rennae Stubbs' podcast. Petkovic said how the two tennis players gave their all after the ATP Finals, immediately joining their teammates in the Davis Cup for the finals in Malaga.

"I think it should be underlined several times, Djokovic and Sinner played a lot at the end of the season, but they went to Malaga for their country and gave their all. I'm sure we will also see them in Australia fighting for the victory of the Australian Open.

Nole and Jannik sacrificed part of their time to play for their country and even in their faces everyone could see the great desire to win. It was really nice and their matches were crazy," she explained.

Djokovic and Sinner the two stars of the ending season

Djokovic and Sinner were the protagonists of 2023 and will certainly be part of those who will fight for victory next season too Novak Djokovic and Jannik Sinner dominated this season finale.

The Serbian completed a record year, winning the ATP Finals in Turin and participating as an absolute protagonist, even losing, in the Davis Cup with Serbia. For Nole it was an extraordinary year and, even at 36 years old, he won 3 Slam titles and achieved an incredible series of records.

Serb finished the season at number 1 in the ATP ranking, thus exceeding 400 weeks at the top of the rankings. Sinner has shown great growth in recent months. Two characters who have dragged the entire world of tennis in recent months.

Sinner and Djokovic competed twice at the ATP Finals in Turin: in the group stage Jannik triumphed, winning the decisive tiebreak, while he then had to surrender in the final. In just a few hours, Nole beat Carlitos Alcaraz in the semi-final and then Sinner in the final.

Sinner took his revenge by canceling three match points and beating Djokovic in both singles and doubles, giving Italy the Davis Cup. The two tennis players will resume their challenge with the beginning of the upcoming tennis season.

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