The PTPA co-founder shares controversial words on the balls issue

Vasek Pospisil argued against the tennis associations about the frequent change of balls between the tournaments

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The PTPA co-founder shares controversial words on the balls issue
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PTPA co-founder Vasek Pospisil has argued with the men's and women's tennis associations, complaining about the frequent change of balls between one tournament and another. The balls-issue was one of the major points of controversy of the season, and involved many tennis players through opinions and controversies, as we at Tennis World USA have told you in recent weeks.

"This is the first time in my career that I have set my schedule based on the types of balls used rather than geographic location and court surface," wrote the Canadian on X.

What causes the balls-issue

In recent months we have often heard about controversies relating to the balls used in various tournaments.

Many tennis players have argued about the problem, which, according to them, has caused numerous injuries. Perhaps the most important voice was that of world number 1 Novak Djokovic, who a few months ago expressed himself on the topic as follows: "There is certainly a relationship between the frequent injuries to the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints with balls and their modifications.

I'm all for choosing one type of ball to play all tournaments with. With the Slams it is different and more difficult because each of the most important tournaments in which one plays negotiates separately which sponsor to have, but this also happens in ATP-branded competitions.

We simply have to find a way to unite, so that in each category of the Tour we have a ball to play with, obviously depending on the surface. Sometimes this change of ball happens three times in three weeks depending on where we play and affects the health of the players and the joints themselves.

In this sense I support the tennis players who complain and ask the ATP to find a way to solve the problem. We need to find a solution," he told. After the controversies on the issue, during the whole 2023, it will be to understand what WTA, ATP and ITF would like to do during the next season: will the tennis associations find a solution to overcome the problems showed this year?

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