Mouratoglou rips Norrie: "Sinner will be better than Alcaraz, in 2024"

The French coach responded to the British tennis player, who believes that the Spanish player will do better than the Italian next season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Mouratoglou rips Norrie: "Sinner will be better than Alcaraz, in 2024"
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Patrick Mouratoglou disagrees with what Cameron Norrie said about Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner. In an interview with Tennis365, that we at Tennis World reported to you a few hours ago, the Briton said how the young Spaniard will have a better 2024 than what is expected for the Italian.

Serena Williams' former coach, in response to the Briton, expressed his contrary opinion, explaining how the young Italian will have a better 2024 than that of his Spanish rival. "I think 2024 will still be Novak Djokovic's year, but who between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner will be the no.2? I think Jannik is ready for this role.

Next year can be the one in which Sinner has the chance to rival Djokovic more than Alcaraz, based on what he showed in the final months of 2023. I believe he will be ready to compete 100% at the highest level, much more than he has done this season.

It's true, Alcaraz has achieved better results so far: he has won 2 Slams, more ATP 1000, is ahead in the ATP ranking, was number 1 and is probably superior to him on clay. However, I think that on other surfaces, with the style of play that he has shown, Jannik can be superior to Carlos due to his ability to take the time of the opponent and play the ball with great speed," he told

Mouratoglou disproves Norrie

Mouratoglou then added how trust is important: "Clearly, in this sport it's as much about trust.

For this reason, I think the last part of 2023 gave Jannik that feeling of being ready to win important tournaments. Yes, he lost the Final in Turin to Djokovic, but he beat Novak twice in 12 days and won the Davis Cup. This latest result is an incredible boost for him.

It reminds me of Nole's 2011, when he was the protagonist of a crazy season, fresh from his success in Davis the year before. This is why I believe that Sinner can do very well, having more solutions in his tennis than in the past, coming to the net more often and with greater efficiency.

I therefore believe that he knows how to read the game better and can adapt to many more situations. Djokovic is always ahead, but Sinner will be No.2 at the end of 2024," explained the French tennis coach.

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